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CEO’s Greetings

Seowon Food is a family-friendly company that creates an environment wherein its employees can work with a smile!

Welcome to our Web site and thank you for taking interest in Seowon Food.

Seowon Food is located in Gyeongsan, which is also known as the city of education. The company produces frozen dumplings based on its 30 years of knowledge and tradition. In 2009, the company was designated by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as an HACCP factory that produces safe and trustworthy food. We produce about 10 product types and about 50 types of dumplings that are both "safe" and of "premium quality."

Seowon Food Co., Ltd. is growing into a global food company that not only sells products in Korea, but also exports them to the Americas and Europe. In 2010, we started signing export contracts with European companies, followed by contracts with companies in the Americas and China in 2014. We are now preparing to also export to Russia and Southeast Asia.

We, Seowon Food, promise to work hard to produce safe food and to become a company that is fully responsible toward its consumers, employees, and the local community.

Thank you.

Seol-hee Kim, CEO of Seowon Food Co., Ltd.